Manchester School of Art MA Show 2021

Showcasing the work of Manchester School of Art's postgraduate students in art, design, media and performance.

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Visiting the MA Show

Open to the public.

Friday 1 October — Sunday 10 October 2021

Work will be exhibited in the Grosvenor, Chatham and Benzie Buildings on the Manchester Metropolitan University All Saints Campus.

Monday – Friday
10am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm

Private View
Thursday 30 September 2021 at 6pm

All visitors to the MA Show are asked to take a lateral flow test before travelling and only attend campus if they test negative. We also strongly recommend wearing a face covering when entering any of our buildings, especially in crowded areas.

Daniel Vojtek MA Fine Art

Cheuk Lun Chung MA Fine Art

Rachael Abbott MA Design: Illustration

Laura Frances Coyne MA Fine Art

Jennifer Morgan MA Illustration

Joshua Max Gibson-Lennon MA/MSc Product Design

Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira MA Photography

Lyubitsa Berova MA/MSc Textiles

Ceylin Cakar MA/MSc Textiles

Danny Satchell MA Fine Art

Matthew Karl Thomas MA Painting

Robyn Downing MA Illustration

Ruairi Paxman MA Fine Art

Callum Langfield MFA Product Design

Seren Marimba Corrigan MA Contemporary Performance

Ruby Beard MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Joshua Wright MA Animation

Cecily Howarth MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Chaojun Jones MA Painting

Ethan Proverbs MA Filmmaking

Jody Mcdowell-Barnes MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Calum Daniel Heywood MA Photography

Jordan Allan-Alberts MA Design: Textile Practice

Ryan Gear MA Photography

William Gardner MA Illustration

Jessica Couch MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Merili Pugh MA by Research

Maddy Venus MA Design: Textile Practice

V_Visual/ Viviana Di Miceli MFA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Jackie Chantler MFA Painting

Louis Bever MA Photography

Jasper Ember Kirsch-Pinfold MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Elijah Kennedy MA Fine Art

Sarah Godfrey MA Design: Textile Practice

Chun-Mei Wang MA Photography

Tam Hinton MA Animation

Cherisse Appleby MA Design: Craft

Rachael Hardacre MA Design: Textile Practice

Robin Megannity MA Painting

Megan Turner MA Filmmaking

Mark Thistlethwaite MA Design: Craft

Laura Tillotson MA Painting

Ella Jo Skinner MA Fine Art

Frederick Hazael MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Angel Angelov MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Kayleigh Giles MA Contemporary Performance

Mila Cartwright MA Illustration

Abigail Hope Finch MA Design: Illustration

Ella Bean MA Design: Illustration

Yunzhen Hu MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Samuel Beagley MA Contemporary Performance

Alice Connolly MA Contemporary Performance

Cheryn Paige McDonald-Watson MA Interior Design

Shannon Tran MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Jean White MA Design: Craft

Molly Richards MA Photography

Anastasia Kimber MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Jasmehar Bhatia MA/MSc Design: Product and Furniture

Walaa Ahmed Q Hemaidah MA Interior Design

Joseph Spencer MA Contemporary Curating

Christopher Goggs MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Mary Burke MA Design: Illustration

Isabelle Pennington-Edmead MA Design: Textiles for Fashion

Saima Rasheed MA Fine Art

Georgie Lever MA Interior Design

David Walters MA Photography

Tim McConville MA Photography

Merike Van De Vijver MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Nia Williams MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Rachael Clear MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

Ivy Kalungi MA Fine Art

Han Trim MA Fine Art

Sophie Ann Michiko Ogden MA Animation

Will Salter MA Filmmaking

Naomi Walsh MA Design Innovation

Yifang Zhang MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Michael Swarbrick MA Photography

Rachel Wharton MFA Painting

Alexandra Christou MA Illustration

About Manchester School of Art

Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University began life as a design school in 1838 – one whose aim was to support the textiles trade for which Victorian Manchester had become famous and where ideas, innovation and industry were inextricably linked.

Design may have been the School’s initial focus, but its remit soon expanded far beyond design – and it adopted the ethos of “many arts, many skills”. Almost 180 years later, that original idea holds true, the School of Art has grown into one of the largest art schools in the UK. We are also home to Manchester School of Architecture, rated as one of the world’s top ten (QS World Rankings 2019), and Manchester School of Theatre.

The School offers an extensive range of original and modern spaces and in 2013 the Benzie Building was opened, providing state of the art workshops, hybrid studio spaces and gallery spaces to support students studying subjects as diverse as fine art, animation, fashion, film, textiles and photography.

The School of Art is part of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University, which is also home to Manchester Fashion Institute and in 2021, the School of Digital Arts.