Angel Angelov MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Angel Angelov

I am Angel Angelov, a digital designer with a background in painting and photography. My primary interests are in branding, typography and motion design.

Finding new ways to use mixed media has been essential during my MA study. By combining the fields of technology and motion design, I was able to define the direction of my final project and propose a new way of looking at editorial content online. Having an easy and enjoyable experience while viewing information has been something valuable to me and was key to personal development. That is why, the preview of magazines and informational content in digital space has been the focus of my project. After exploring grid systems and user centred experiences, I was able to create a concept for the platform called “MOVE”. My goal was to demonstrate what a brand new design service could look like.

The service allows people to view different editorial magazines specifically adapted to any digital screen. Additionally, it expands the traditional format by introducing video and motion design integrated with the layout. The experience is illustrated through a number of visual prototypes and promotional animations. Going forward, my goal is to connect with people who are interested in seeing this concept as an existing service and continue working on design projects that require a mixed approach.