Thu Tra Trieu MA Interior Design

Thu Tra Trieu

If your body could talk, what would it say? For instance, one day, when you wake up from your bed, what if your body will say, “ Hey, let me contact to the world! We are not your prisons!”. What will you do next?  

How long do you not let your body immerse in your bathtub? How long do you not let your feet walk on grass in the park? How long do you not touch the trunk or roadside flowers, and how long do you not have a candlelight dinner in the garden with your family? Living in a city gives a person opportunities in careers, or enhancing their life’s standard, but it also took away the feelings of childhood, of being a little kid or a chance to close with nature. In a big city, how many adults feel that they treated their bodies well? Especially when our life is invading by technology, which keeps us far away from where we should belong. Somebody said,  “I always go to spa salon to take care for my body and that is enough to get a healthy physical condition”. So, why do almost all people love travelling and often spend time visiting nature scenes or going to the rural area at the weekend to have a picnic?  

My idea is to create a restaurant that could impact the human's senses, including taste, smell, vision, touching, and hearing to improve their health. 

Here, people will have a chance to experience the feeling of eating in an “Alive space”. When they walk into the restaurant, they can put off their shoes and walk on the actual grass floor. Most of the floor area will be full of grass, stone, and gravel to stimulate human feet. They can touch tough materials on the wall and feel natural textures. In some areas, clients can declaim foot in warm or cool water (depends on seasons) with different smells of oil perfume in water. In addition, in the “senses restaurant”, people will see the natural gemstone, gold or crystal on the wall as decoration; or enjoying the feel of sitting underground and looking at coloured clouds above. Mainly, this restaurant will create vertical farming inside to self-provide food. If somebody loves clean and safe foods, they can harvest by themselves and pay for it. 

Welcome to my restaurant!