Chun-Mei Wang MA Photography

Chun-Mei Wang

STAY HOME is a response to how the artist senses home during COVID-19. The installation consisted of enlarged prints, 30x40mm photos taken by the artist during the lockdown, and a projection, to show a dynamic force in framing encounter be involved on different trajectories.

STAY HOME was a daily term that we heard from governments for stopping the spread of the Covid-19 infection in the past fifteen months. However,  what refers to the home to the artist in terms of an international student? After leaving Taiwan for years, she is becoming a stranger to the island in the far East. At the same time, she is working on making this western island-like home. However, the ambiguity of identity appears when her social role shifts. 

By reviewing these images, homesick adapted along with time and developed various strategies of remaking home. They are traces, notes, and reflections of fieldwork because the artist takes herself as a field in which observing she is on the road to becoming a diaspora.

This installation welcomes the audience to go into the space and experience the flash when the duration continuously changes.