Georgie Lever MA Interior Design

Covid-19 forced so many people to work from home, leaving the once bustling cities vacant. Working from home has now become a popular way of working, with people proving they can be just as effective from home  as they are from an office environment. Whilst working from home has its benefits, it doesn’t work for everyone. Designers and creators don’t always have the space within their homes to be able to live and work.

Artists/Designers, have throughout history always found a way to live and work in the same place. From the artists in SoHo to Dutch designers living and working in the same building. Which raised the question, why do we need to live and work in separate places?

Creating a space similar to an artists in residence, but rather than one person inhabiting the space, creating a social working space in which you can also live in. The idea of all working in one large open space gives a greater opportunity of collaboration. A space for Entrepreneurs / Designers to set up a base from which to work, as well as living.  Living and breathing their work.