Cheryn Paige McDonald-Watson MA Interior Design

Cheryn Paige McDonald-Watson

Welcome to my MA major project! 

ReInvision Manchester is a multidisciplinary creative space aimed at educating society on sustainability through the use of creative workshops.  These workshops aim at changing society’s perceived view on waste, educating the user on the importance of waste and how waste may be transformed to once again become something useful, valued, functional and beautiful. By doing so, this will hopefully encourage society to find the beauty in the discarded and once useless resources. 

ReInvision Manchester is built around four core workshops namely Glass, Ceramics, Plastic and Bio-materials. This is due to the fact that these discarded resources have the highest pollution rate. Single use plastic is currently at the highest, with an estimated 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans per year. (UICN, 2017) 

The public will have the opportunity to create and explore each workshop. These workshops include glass-blowing in the hotshop, spinning clay in the ceramics workshop, building and growing in the bio-material workshop or 3D printing in the plastics workshop. Users will have the opportunity to create ornaments, furniture, home ware and, most importantly, memories.   

These workshops are to be directed by artisans at the forefront of sustainability, designed to teach and inspire society to reduce, reuse and ReInvision the future of waste.  

The prototype of the pendant light I created are an exploration of grown bio-materials, these materials include mushroom mycelium and kombucha leather.  These materials form part of the bio-materials workshop at ReInvision Manchester, where people will have the opportunity to experiment and grow their own bio-materials in this interactive space.