Naomi Walsh MA Design Innovation

This project examines the sustainability of the art department in the TV and film industry. Trend research was performed to discover the focus for the project, noting that sustainability had become a movement more than just a trend. Further research performed consisted of literature review, observations, expert interviews, and a design/sustainability audit. The results of the research found that there is very little information on this subject and how more research needs to be done to further tackle sustainability in the TV and film industry to hopefully aid in more legislation being put into place. However, it was discovered that the key issues leading to a lack of sustainability and production of waste are time and money as well as a lack of tools and information that would aid in sustainability. The solution I have designed is software for members of the art department to use however it became apparent that it could be used by other departments in the TV and film industry. It is purchasing software that provides a network of sustainable suppliers for the art department to purchase materials and props. It will create a list of all purchases made so they are able to keep track of everything making the departments and other crew members' lives easier, hopefully saving time to allow for more sustainable choices. Members of the public and other businesses will then have access to the purchases to avoid anything being sent to landfill, that is if it isn't returned to the seller to create a cradle-to-cradle life cycle.