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David Walters

Genesis - Metropolis - Primal Connection

Evolution has embedded complex algorithms within our brains enabling us to decode the environment around us.

A map hard-wired into the non-conscious mind guides us, effortlessly navigating complex natural landscapes.

When we enter manmade concrete jungles crammed with artificial barriers, flashing lights and unnatural predators, our brains go into overload, increasing stress leading to poor mental and physical health.                                         

Nature, rich with blue green hues and endless repeating patterns has the power to calm, relax, heal, and support reverie.

Our connection to nature has been formed over millions of years. We don’t see nature; we are absorbed within it. 

This project explores 3 phases:   Genesis, Metropolis and Primal Connection


The Sun and the Earth were formed around 4.6bn years ago. 

The Sun bathed the Earth with radiation.

Electromagnetic waves of energy, sunlight.

The next 2.5bn years saw microscopic organisms flourish absorbing carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight making oxygen in the process.

As the atmosphere settled, the sky turned blue.


76% of the world population now live within urban areas.

Warning: Urban environments may cause mental fatigue and damage your physical and mental health.

Primal Connection

Being immersed within an environment rich with natural colours and shapes offers a primal connection to support reverie and promote health and wellbeing.