Maddy Venus MA Design: Textile Practice

Maddy Venus

Through the process of abstract observational drawing I explore my relationship with objects and domestic items within my immediate surroundings. I hone in and exaggerate distinguishing characteristics of things. Influenced by Merleau-Ponty’s ‘Phenomenology of Perception’, this process of abstraction echoes the subjectivity of human experience.

‘Tools For Abstract Drawing’, is a collection of handheld tools and a continuing body of work I developed on my masters. Their abstract forms emulate those within my drawings. These rudimentary mark-making tools act as an obstacle between my hand and the page and alter my control. This creates a further mode of abstraction and interrogates my approach to abstract drawing.

By constructing the tools from discarded materials such as; wood offcuts, scrap metal and second hand clothes, I continue to explore my relationship with useful objects within my surroundings.