Esther Barber MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

AGAPI Studio Project.

I'm always interested in the art of storytelling and connecting with people in a positive way. This project started after a phone conversation with a friend during the lockdown. They felt low and isolated and needed to know they were loved. I like many people, overuse the word 'love' and knew just saying 'I love you' would hold no worth. Instead, I said 'I love you more than yellow' - this as a statement to someone who knows me would know the weight of this statement, as yellow is something I adore and is a well-recognised part as part of my personality. Hearing my friends reaction to this statement gave me the idea to collect other peoples 'I love you more than' stories to reclaim the word love and create some positivity and happiness from seeing other peoples stories.

For this project, I built a Studio that would champion the idea of love. I created campaign posters with other peoples stories that would be seen in tube stations or bus stops to give people that quick giggle on the way to/from work.

I also created a Zine that would be found in places where people would just need to smile. The future for this studio would be to partner with well-known brands to celebrate love and reclaim the meaning of it back.