Samuel Beagley MA Contemporary Performance

Samuel Beagley

I am a working class performer and theatre maker. The work I create is inspired by my democratic socialist perspective and my hatred of late-stage capitalism.My feeling's on politics, socio-economic's and the injustice of our corrupt system can be found in my work. This is due to the fact that in my life all I have witnessed is decline and an ever increasing gap between the rich and poor. The greed of the post-war generation and the apathy towards the future consequences of such greed matter deeply to me and my work  because that future is becoming my present. The poor living standard's are my reality and the seemingly inevitable ecological collapse seem's just around the corner. My work is my protest. All of this is quite doom and gloom which is why no matter what the underlying message my main priority is the work I create is entertaining, fun and accesible. I  use comedy as a method of delivery to package idea's which otherwise might seem alienating. I aim to create work that is playful and can be enjoyed by a  varied demographic including those that don't often attend the theatre. More recently I have begun exploring the idea's of metamodernism. One phrase that I believe sums up my work is ironic sincerity. I mean what I say whilst simultaneously make fun of it. I create work as a solo artist and also collaborate with the artist Ethan Horwell under the name Know Idea Productions.