Megan Turner MA Filmmaking

Megan Turner

I am a filmmaker who explores experimental and documentary film work. My practice faces personal, honest, and emotional stories from myself, and others shown through softness and stillness in my short films. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Filmmaking in 2020 and continued to Postgraduate Filmmaking at MMU.

My recent film Reminiscent is a one-take open and raw conversation between myself and my mother about my forgotten childhood. By taking on a personal experience with struggling with memory, I soon realised before the age of nine which my younger sister was born became a key memory, a `reminiscent bump’ which is an emotional significance of an event that is life-defining. Exploring this in the film we discuss my lost childhood memories before this. The film is accompanied by personal photos and video footage and faces subtopics within this.

I have also included another short film I created at the start of the year called A Phone Call Away. It looks at loneliness in lockdown with open talks from six anonymous women that truthfully talk about how they were feeling with their loneliness during isolation, accompanied by filmed footage that gives a sense of repetitive day-to-day things we see daily and the details we realise around us.