Molly Richards MA Photography

A Series of Demonstrations: 

Testing your Half-Wings

Closing the gaps between realms, a concept so widely questioned, is tested out in this series through states of symbiosis, and so attempting to analyse its use as the methodology behind the transcendence between dual spaces.

Influenced by ancient funerary relics, and texts, A Series of Demonstrations: Testing your Half-Wings, consists of a series of creative attempts, taking form through the coexistence, and exploration of the digital and analogue relationship. It is here, through duel media, where the portal to the physical and the divine seek representation.

Humankind has always strived to experience the divine realm, to reach the heavens, and so Richards works to test out how one could hypothetically create their own portal, and transcend between the two. How to test out the space however, will be a challenge for the participant to comprehend, to raise questions around why we work so desperately for such an experience. Instructions exist in coded form - being the connecter between the two spaces in question -  Advice on how to create one's own tomb, through floor plans, building structures, and meditative rituals, are all located within The Book ofDemonstrations, and projection mapping, which connects through symbiosis with the 3D and Clay maquete tombs. 

If you succeed in cracking the code, you may find yourself the instructions required, to create your tomb, and test out the divine experience.