Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira MA Photography

Camilo Rivera Ribadeneira

Glücksmaschine (work in progress)

4 episodes, 1 story. Glücksmaschine is a mini-series based on elements from a feature-length script. Sound and image marry together to explore the surreal and hostile paths a woman takes to discover what's destroying her life. This project is an amalgamation of visual techniques and mediums, as well as an exploration of soundscapes and their various worlds, built to deliver an abstract storytelling experience.

Camilo Ribadeneira is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on filmmaking and photography. He works with both analogue and digital formats and has a large library of sounds, images, and short-films from various commercial and personal projects over the years. 

Although self-taught, Ribadeneira has developed an extensive understanding of various digital and analogue tools, cameras, musical instruments, and sound equipment. Most recently learning sound design through ProTools and foley techniques to further expand the scale of his projects.