Jasmehar Bhatia MA/MSc Design: Product and Furniture

Jasmehar Bhatia

Since childhood, I’ve always loved observing beauty in the world around me, and dreaming of the stories that people and objects might tell. A simple childhood film inspired my choice to pursue a creative career, a fantasy about magical shoes that would change the lives of twelve orphan girls. The story intrigued me, but most of all the thought that wearing these ordinary shoes, would enable the girls to imagine worlds of joy and escapism. From this simple tale, I realised I wanted to create products that would connect with people emotionally, and the experience could lend them a moment of escape from their ordinary lives.

Taking advantage of being in my home country for one of my courses, and designing for a hotel known for preserving our rich culture, I shared historical stories through my interactive lighting design

My final lighting piece is inspired by the emotional relationship between a husband and wife, and the complex balance of personalities that connect them together in a supportive and loving bond. Based on my own parents, my father’s personality is full of “fire and energy”, and is supported by Mother’s “cool & calm” nature - a complex, contradictory, caring relationship, where each one beautifully balances the other.

My lighting design expresses their relationship in material form, and it’s this emotional narrative I want to develop in my future creative practice, designing products that express the passions and relationships of life, and afford people moments of fantasy to escape their everyday lives.