Molly Bogin MA/MSc Textiles

Molly Bogin

Molly is an artisanal designer producing a mixture of bespoke hand printed and digitally printed surface patterns for interior applications. Designs are predominantly printed on to natural fibres such as linen and cotton, marrying beauty, functionality and longevity. 

Molly studied Fine Art at Lancaster University, where she discovered her love for colour, pattern and materials. She subsequently went on to study MA Textiles at Manchester School of Art. This evolved Molly’s practice into that of a hybrid artist/designer, with the inspiration to expand art from the canvas and into our everyday surroundings. 

Using her experience of trend forecasting and CMF design, she creates inspiring textiles and surface patterns that balance colour, texture and pattern to create surfaces that people can connect with. Highly influenced by biophilia, each design is an illustrative representation of nature and a celebration of how nature’s patterns can positively impact our well-being.