Jongmin Shin MA Interior Design

Jongmin Shin

I am interested in various interior design fields of residential, commercial, and office facilities. Looking at the actual process of making my design, I feel very proud and my satisfaction with my major work increases. I want to leave my identity in many places as I expand the space that I have designed one by one.

However, there was a small inconvenience about the design. Before I came to study abroad, I worked for an exhibition design company for over two years. I visited many countries for business trips and watched my design process, but I felt a lot of wanting when I saw the booth that was demolished a few days later. My main tasks were from booth design to construction CAD drawing, graphic design with the order, and on-site construction supervision. However, there were many restrictions on available materials because it was a booth that was exhibited and demolished only for three to five days. Most of the booths were finished with paint or graphic sheets on the wooden structure.

I would like to build my design work by using elements to create an atmosphere of space suitable for the concept, not the paint finish on the wooden structure, and by utilizing suitable finishing materials that can realize the needs of clients. I want to learn, experience, and grow further by using more diverse types of textures and materials.