Annie Gardiner MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Annie Gardiner is an inquisitive creator striving to use her designs as a force for social change.

Through the exploration of workshops such as risograph and lino printing, Gardiner has found her design territories situated in the field of expressive colours and fluid shapes, of which she layers over eachother to unlock further possibilities within creative development.

‘Connecting the Cells’ is a multidisciplinary approach of cherishing nature and highlighting the similarities it has with humanity. With focus on this relationship, the project aims to uncover how the two can help one another fruitfully flourish. The sustainably created work showcases how the relationship can harmonise in colour, texture and shape of elements such as plant cells,  animal cells and fingerprints. The work includes risograph and digital printed pieces on A3 to A1 scale using colour schemes derived from nature promoting meaningful messages harvested through the exploration of the project.

In all work curated, Gardiner strives to empower others to discover how creativity can be used to bring about positive change, and welcomes any new avenues given to help do so.