Peerapat Chatjutamanee MA Illustration

Peerapat Chatjutamanee

As an illustrator,  I am fascinated by the power of visual communication and storytelling, especially comics and graphic novels. For example, the versatility of sequential images can convey any message and depict a varied narrative and can be adapted to apply to a wide range of subject matter. As a result, during the MA, I intend to learn and develop a skill set for narrative fiction, particularly in comic strips and learn how to use visual language and metaphors to enhance my illustration. 

Therefore, throughout the MA, I started to develop my illustrative practice discipline by using qualitative research to make informed appropriate creative decisions. As a result, 'The invisible cat' comic aims to reveal Social Anxiety and negative thinking patterns to teenagers (13-14 years old). The narrative focuses on a teenage protagonist struggling with her anxiety that appears in the form of invisible cats. I interpreted the mischievous cat personality as an Anxiety sensation that keeps appearing and annoying her during social activities. Furthermore, to engage with the targeted audience, I created a puzzle to challenge the reader between chapters and use it to represent the narrative more interactively. I hope the first chapter of my comic can help start a conversation about Social Anxiety, especially awareness of negative thoughts.  

In the future, I will keep practising and refine my illustrative practice along with my research because I believe understanding is essential for the successful transfer of the message.