Robyn Downing MA Illustration

Robyn Downing

I am a postgraduate student having studied MA in Illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University and a BA Fashion Design at Ravensbourne University London. I possess a strong background in print design, fashion illustrating and design research. I am hoping to gain experience in order to further utilise my skill set and pursue a successful career in the fashion industry. 

My work includes the research behind juxtaposition and contrasting concepts, I enjoy bringing two opposites together to create something new. Creating prints for supposable fashion garments using the conceptual research I have created personally, is where I feel most creative. This is the work from my final MA project “The Exploration of Industrial Romanticism”. This work explores Paris in the 50’s, New York in the 30’s, and Mobsters in the 70’s and 80’s. I used my skills to create mood boards, colour boards, textiles, print and illustrations and combined them all together, to create sublimated prints and fashion illustrations for a unique outcome.