Cheuk Lun Chung MA Fine Art

Cheuk Lun Chung

My current topic is about researching the relationship between the words we learnt and the objects that represent them. Throughout the summer, I have researched on one of the ancient fond found in Chinese history, the oracle bone script. I am very amazed on how similar on the structural design of the word and the typing they represent. Despite on the research, I wondered what if real objects have disappeared in our daily life, while words are the mainstream in the reality, how will our daily be like?

When I dig depper into the topic, I have started questioning myself, is the words we learnt nowadays are true? Who decided the meanings of the words? Where are the words come from? It sounds like a common sense, of course it is from our family, dictationary.... but is it really the true meaning of word? Or is there any meaning from the start? Words, is a name, is a label, is a code. "The reality of words" is my own imagination if word is the only element remains in the reality, where we can define the meanings of the word ourselves, surreal will never be surreal. In result the reality collapsed as what Ludwig Wittgenstein defined "bad communication", or should it be extend to another question, is word we learnt shape up our minds?