Angeline Ann Abraham MA Interior Design

Angeline Ann Abraham

The aim of this project was to create a new community to help the city’s homeless women to get back on their feet as they are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Moreover, it will be an architectural space that is safe, healing, and empowering them to break a cycle of poverty. It will also be a space of transition between an unstable past and a more independent future, not a long-term destination. Additionally, the entire community benefits through a more stable workforce decreased need for public assistance, and increased health and safety for all.

The history of the Castlefield Congregational Chapel itself becomes an important design generator for the project. As the structure served the function of a former church, I got the inspiration of color scheme from glass paintings inside the churches Moreover since the church was building during the industrial era, I thought of a design that create a contemporary structure that responded to its context in a new way. Moreover, the project intended to redefine how a shelter functions, this will not only address how the public perceives shelters but also by letting the public come into the space. Therefore, through the integration of community-based rehabilitation and incorporation of positive design principles, shelter design will be completely re-evaluated to achieve a space that doesn’t look like intuition within the shelter.