Shannon Tran MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Shannon Tran

I am an inbetween practitioner working with graphic design, illustration and print. I have looked into experiementation, environmentalism, colour theory and identity on this MA. My recent work has been focused on the idea of food and visually exploring gastronomy. My most recent project used food as medium to explore cultural identity. I created menus, recipe books & a restaurant identity all based on a mixed heritage upbringing. This project was important and personal to me, but also something very relatable and highlighted issues in society surrounded being 'mixed'. It's a topic I hope to continue to cover in my work and explore. My preferred medium is definitley print and publication, I love to create bold posters and zines using print methods such as screen printing and risograph printing - mixing digital with manual techniques. 

Before the MA, I felt confused by not having a specific specialism or single focus within my work. I have now learned this is my advantage, and that using several techniques to communicate ideas is what Graphic Design is. I am able to experiment and trial ideas to find the perfect one to execute a solution.