Sarah Godfrey MA Design: Textile Practice

Sarah Godfrey

I create work that is meant to be touched, tried on or physically explored.

Using textiles and technology as complimentary materials, I am interested in how we understand our sense of self through our interactions with tactile surfaces. Employing deliberate construction techniques of sloppiness and glitchiness allows me to explore non-linear experiences of time, body and relationships, and how concepts of ‘failure’ in terms of gender and textile proficiency create a space to perform and reject binary hierarchies of skill, value and power.

My practice is a reflection on the unnameable, the unknowable, the instability and messiness of gender, and a desire to imagine multiple alternatives and queer future worlds. I am inspired by the work of Ursula Le Guin, glitch feminism, sloppy craft, rural rituals and queer ecologies.

My MA project 'Prototype 1: what can this primary container do' is an interactive installation that invites participants to try on a textile sculpture that interacts with projections on the walls using sensors and electronic circuitry. As the participant moves, so too does a forest of kelp-like shapes around them. The work is unfinished, messy, glitchy and disorientating - a prototype that has infinite possibilities and potentials. Due to Covid, I worked with a videographer to create a video of myself in the installation as the final outcome of this project, and am currently working on presenting the work as it was intended for a public audience.

With thanks to:

Videographer: Sammy Holden
3d artist & collaborator: Jack Perkins