Laura Tillotson MA Painting

Laura Tillotson

Fixated with trees, I represent them as fussy interlopers within the scenes, while constantly working with this motif I have explored in greater depth this preference for branch, limb and leaf. It was the line, I discovered, the almost-figuration and the possibility the tree has to twist, turn and transform into abstraction. To this end, I have inserted the tree as a proxy for myself, or in some cases as a living conduit, inserted into the work to investigate and explore my own preferences as an artist. Eventually I realised you don’t have to paint your surroundings to connect to them, these surroundings, through the subconscious, have found ways into my paintings through shape and memory.

My paintings are at a point of transformation, where new ideas are being pulled fourth from recent paintings. I have discovered ambiguous shapes that feel like flags, kites and sails, these forms will inspire and compel future work.