Jackie Chantler MFA Painting

Jackie Chantler

I am a figurative artist, and my work is informed by my love of paint and people, my curent work is from old potographs from the 1970's. I am interested in the translation of image to canvas, taking the limited information as a starting point for the work. I intentionally choose photographs that have an element of eccentricity about them. Whether its the clothes that the people are wearing, or the image itelf that catches my attention. My intention is to bring the image to life on a much larger scale, creating a sense of abstraction in the work. 

My approach to the application of paint is both intuitive and spontaneous, I am particularly interested in colour, texture and translucancy in the figures that I portray, aiming to achieve a sense of vibrancy and naivety in the final works. The resulting paintings have a quality of innocence, bordering on the strange, mysterious and other worldliness.