Vasundhra Thakkar

MA Design: Fashion Art Direction

While starting my professional journey with fashion design, the MA course in fashion art direction was an effort towards bringing in an art perspective to my fashion experience. The aim behind this was to successfully develop a creative practice supported with a multi-disciplinary approach that allows me to express my ideas and observations whilst exploring and knitting different mediums together. My body of work concentrates on developing narratives and concepts that help trigger the audience's subconscious minds and opens a dialogue within themselves.

For a very long time now, the retail market has continuously been questioned on their sincerity towards the issue of sustainability and the consumer, unfortunately, is mostly portrayed as a victim of fast fashion. Following this, I decided to focus to the consumer behaviour and continued down to investigate the internal conversations they might experience before shopping. My final piece is a short film exploring the realism we experience in our fantasy worlds, achieved with a multimedia approach that invites the audience to immerse and reflect on their actions. Furthermore, to catalogue my current and future practice I decided to roof it under the brand name, Dhi. Dhi is a multi-disciplinary creative studio focusing on art-direction, photography, styling, concept and content creation and research that aims to create distinctive visual languages.