Dou Tian

MA Design: Interior Design

I really like to create interesting social environments for people in the city. I think the meaning of design is to improve people’s lifestyle. All of my work is to make people enjoy their life better. My design sets aside the inherent mode of thinking and creates an attractive space for people to relax and enjoy. The imaginative space allows adults to abandon the stereotyped work space, allow them to become children, abandon the shackles of identity and age, and maintain a happy mood to experience life.

My project builds a space on the water. I think I can use the natural environment of water to create a novel and imaginative space experience for people. Due to the increasing pressure of modern work and the acceleration of the pace of life, what people need more is a space of emotional tolerance and interesting experience. This kind of space adheres to the human-oriented basic principle, injects emotion and human touch into the cold space, adds more flexible and interesting elements, and makes the originally cold space full of relaxed and happy life. In the space design, fun is the seasoning agent to enrich the space content and the driving force to enhance the space innovation.

I hope that through this project, people in the city can be given a habitat, where they can relax, relieve stress, and get along more harmoniously with the natural environment. I hope to create a better living environment for people in this city.