Sunwon Hong

MA/MSc Design: Product and Furniture

What makes products; User Experience and Preconception of Materiality.

I started my master's program with doubts about the relationship between form and function of products, and my first project is concluded that the form of products should follow the user’s experience. (Project 1, Modular Furniture Design)

My first project led me to consider what makes products. Through the second project, I figured out what kind of relationship exists between the user and the material of the product. I found three aspects for designing my final model: Materiality, Preconception and Fun.

This is a modern reinterpretation of Rene Magritte's The Treachery of images. I hope that my design breaks the preconceived notions about the materiality of the material, shows the contradiction about the functionality, the observer ponders what is real, and has a variety of perspectives to see the object. 

This is NOT a Mirror, but this is NOT a Clock either.

This would surprise the observer, It is paradoxical about its materiality and functionality. In order to use the mirror, users have to approach it, but soon the mirror turns into a clock and interferes with it. Also, the user must approach it as if looking in a mirror to know the time.

An Airborne Bench.

The reminiscent of a rope pulling the concrete floating in the air and preventing it from flying. I contradicted the stiffness of concrete and crushed and bent by the pull of the rope to make it more dynamic. Contrary to the softness of the rope, the rigidity and heaviness of concrete, is the concrete of An Airborne Bench really concrete? Is the rope really a rope? Induces the observer to have doubts about reality.