Vu Thu Ha Ho

MA Design: Graphic Design and Art Direction

I am an art and design practitioner from Vietnam. My driving interests are culture, branding, story and character. The MA journey helped me gain insights about myself, grow my aesthetic, reflect the school of thoughts and shape a unique visual language.

I am among the millennials who live in a transitioning world, who were nurtured in a conservative Asian way but also grew up with new, irresistible, modern, Western influences. I had a childhood filled with handcrafted toys made from bamboo sticks, paperbacked and coconut leaves. At the same time, I enjoyed playing with Barbie, Lego and teddy bears. I went to pagodas and temples with my parents to pray every holiday. But I also went on road trips, nightclubs and partied hard with friends. I read folklore, studied Vietnamese literature and history. I also immersed myself in Star Wars, The Witcher, Game of Thrones. These elements seem irrelevant to each other and make me feel conflicted. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all of them blending together to create the person I am today.

My MA project explores Vietnam’s splendid culture, focusing on the celebration theme of the second biggest festival in Vietnam: The Mid-Autumn Festival. Over time, every child grows up, but their memories never fade. All the traditional vibrant colour toys, all the moon cakes and candies, and the full-moon gazing parties forever stay in my nostalgia. This project is dedicated to these beautiful experiences of every Vietnamese, showing my appreciation to history while innovating with traditional art. The research and inspirations for this project include cultural heritage, traditional architecture, theatres, and artefacts. I hope to bring in a modern look and a feeling of joy in these artworks.