Nolan Callecod

MA Filmmaking

I am filmmaker, musician, and writer. My practice is a mixture of live-action, stop-motion animation, scoring, and sound design. My work has a primary focus on music and sound design and I'm very intrigued on how sound can contribute to storytelling in film. My lockdown film, This too Shall Pass, is a cine-poem that relies on archive and present footage of Manchester during the lockdown. I also helped to create songs and music videos. These films were made with equipment that I checked out days before the university closed and done with a DIY approach. 

The film This Too Shall Pass was an attempt to show people, a city, and change over time. I wanted to make a time capsule of the current times we are all in by referencing the past and by using old and new technologies to make a film. For example, I utilized stop-motion animation by using shadows, I edited archive footage, and I used a DSLR camera to capture Manchester dealing with Covid restrictions. Additionally, the other short Mask, is a comment on the environmental issue that has developed with the use of littered PPE.