Chang Meng

MFA Design: Illustration

In the study of MA, I have always focused my work on the research and training of narrative skills. I have always believed that the core and soul of illustration is the transmission of information content. We paint the imagery world we have constructed to readers. The lack and insufficiency of narrative ability may directly lead to the collapse of the imagery world, and only blanks are transmitted to readers. Painting skills are just a medium in the process of information transmission-or called a carrier. It is an important but not decisive factor. 

When thinking about the general direction of the creation of works, my focus is still to show my narrative ability.Through an in-depth study of the traditional Chinese parent-child relationship and a retrospective review of the parent-child relationship in my family, I found that my relationship with my mother is fully in line with the typical characteristics of traditional Chinese parent-child relationship: Master-Subordinate (or Leadership).I turned my personal experience into a picture story to narrate or express the emotions between me and my mother.