Archana Chaudhary

MFA Fine Art

Over the years, the art I am making has been a direct representation of women of a modern Indian society. I capture what I see about my lot in the place where I live, and I want the world to see that too. I like how women in my country have moved past feebleness and how confidence has taken roots. I try to document these changing times that we are living in through expressionism and figurative art in various mediums and to express various ideas. 

My current work is a culmination of what I have seen through all these years, what I have perceived from all that and my best efforts at visually representing it. It is a step towards a more personal signature that I somehow feel connected to and at the same feel like somehow I owe something to. I am determined to keep painting such art and in variations until I feel that I have done enough to celebrate women from my time and the past.