Jou Chen

MFA Design: Illustration

Most of the existing medical information items about cancer are in plain text, and patients need to make a decision in a short time. But many studies have shown that the brain can process images quickly. Therefore, Jou-Yu designed the "About Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer" visual medical information project to provide listeners with another option to understand Non-small cell lung cancer, including causes, symptoms and treatment options.

In this project, you can find the causes, symptoms and treatment options of non-small cell lung cancer. Michael Davies, a professor of medicine at the University of Liverpool, confirmed all the information in this work.

In order to provide listeners with other options and make them aware of medical information, Jou-Yu tries to keep everything simple and focus on providing medical information directly. In addition, as an international designer, Jou-Yu tries to find a colour in a universal language, such as the colour of a traffic light system, and translate its meaning into each role in the work. For example, in this work, green means healthy, hopeful and healthy cells.