Aneri Gandhi

MA Design: Fashion Art Direction

Envisioning to become a multidisciplinary artist, my recognition of art is an interpretation of life itself. Having a background from fashion design and a work experience of more than 4 years in the fashion industry, I aim at exploring every distinct side of myself as an artist.I believe in the art that questions the visual perception of the society and which leads one to reflect upon oneself.  

Surrealism, emotional art, contemporary narratives, dramatic visuals and deep conceptual engagement are some of my strengths. I believe in the art of story telling and work that help bring a change in an individual or the society.

“Monotony is not in my dictionary.

Outgoing, Optimistic, Outlandish.

Underdogs are not my friends.

I don’t just bang away at my job,

I earnestly try to do everything right.” 

                       Okay, back to work. 

                                                        - Aneri Gandhi.