Seren Marimba Corrigan MA Contemporary Performance

Seren Marimba Corrigan

These videos are extracts from MA Contemporary Performance Major Project ... when I was ...

These films represented the dream/nightmare sequences within a larger narrative.

…when I was…

Wading through fractured pasts and lost futures. 

She, woman, her past/present/future. Drifting or drowning, in a stream of actions and words, most of which are hers, or at least they were. 

She finds reflections of her Self in the River Goddess, the image of her mother and the words of her father. 

Not quite a dream, not quite a memory. A haunting from the future.

But soaked to the soul in sweet-water she attempts to re-enchant the earth. A drop at a time.

…when I was… is an Improvisational wave of movement, myth, sound, and film.

With original soundtrack from Aether Awe / Mc Buzz B.