Saima Rasheed MA Fine Art

Saima Rasheed

“A boundless drop to a boundless ocean”, Khalil Gibran.

I wanted to re-examine the aesthetics of Miniature Painting which became the impetus to work through instinct and pay attention to what was happening on the surface of the blank paper hence begun a new journey; dots, lines, colours, gestures and the meditative aspect of the process of South Asian Miniature Painting. 

On parallel, I kept pursuing my interest into the complex politics of identity, its representation, my desire for agency, as a woman, a woman of colour, a Muslim and British Asian kept adding more layers into the work and resulted into the new dimensions, an exploration of new images, fluid marks, organic forms, carefully drawn simurgh, sphinxes, monsters, repetition, multiple frames, borders, enclosures, outlines and misaligned patterns, explored and investigated through the discipline of painting and digital media.

In conclusion, I have gone through an interesting artistic journey. This journey has illuminated my practice, my methodical observations and much more. Art has become at the forefront of discovering new ideas through practice led research.