Lina Yan MA Photography

Lina Yan

Lina Yan works at the intersection of still image and moving image. Not only keen on documenting things in daily life, but also like experimenting with different mediums, like combining sound, video and 3D modelling to realize her thought. Her current work is mainly focused on exploring the relations between different cultures/traditions.

Her final project, "Metaphor", is a work that consists of two videos (Metaphor One and Metaphor Two), which respond to her perspective towards the relations between different cultures/traditions as a bystander. In her opinion, she believes the boundary between different cultures/traditions is always existent and changing via the traces left over the landscapes and humans' daily practices. Hence, the purpose of this work is to offer different sides for viewers to understand the relations concerning different cultures/traditions by combining the landscapes and humans' daily activities with virtual images. One presents the landscape influenced by humans, which reflect the traces of society's cultural practices but without their appearance. Another is to offer different angles at a distance to raise the status that humans in that environment are hard to become aware of the changing relations of various cultures/traditions they influenced due to the limitations of dimensions of the time and space. The title "Metaphor" here means that the virtual moving images in part one and 3D modelled mountain scenes in part two act as metaphors to symbolize the relations between culture, landscape and humans.