Chaojun Jones MA Painting

Chaojun Jones

My works mainly focus on combining the traditional impression of objective painting with contemporary AI technology, social culture and background to create still life paintings in line with contemporary art style.

From random vocabulary such as objects, emotional adjectives, colours and other simple but limited painting rules as a starting point. And study the techniques of colour, shape and composition. Benefit from it, combine the accumulated experience, develop a new theme, and ask questions by comparison:

How can we see a still life painting is contemporary at a glance? What's the difference with dutch paintings in the past? Is the theme of painting different? Or the way of painting? Or the painting media? Can it painted by reference picture rather than painting it live? Can it be added with fantasy? Or change its background?

Therefore, I tried these possibilities, and then gave my answer by creating this series of paintings. And will continue to explore in the future.