Cecily Howarth MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

Cecily Howarth

My name is Cecily Howarth, and my practice consists of photo manipulation, graphic design, photography and collage making. My MA final project, 'Insight', is about colourblindness. I want to raise awareness of colourblindness and how someone with colourblindness sees artworks and the world around them compared to a person with full vision. I'm showcasing two lenticular prints, which is a technique that gives an image the ability to change when viewed from different angles. So one side of the artwork shows how someone with normal vision sees, whereas the other side shows how someones with colourblindness see. Using a colourful art piece by Francoise Nielly for the Lenticular outcomes helped establish the vast comparison in seeing with and without colourblindness. 

I am also showcasing a series of Colourblind friendly artworks split into the three types of colourblindness. Deuteranopia, which is red/green colourblindness. Protanopia, which is a red/green colourblindness. Lastly, Tritanopia is blue/yellow colourblindness.  During my research, I discovered no previous galleries showcasing art aimed at a colourblind audience. Therefore, I wanted to create this series of outcomes using a colourblind friendly colour palette for people with the three types of colourblindness to see the work without the need for colourblind correcting glasses. I also designed a series of promotional posters, which shows the title 'Insight' within the centre of an eye to accompany my artworks.