Yunzhen Hu MA Graphic Design and Art Direction

I’m Yunzhen Hu, a Chinese MA graphic design student.

The research direction of my master's degree is to unanimously start from the discussion of social issues, pay attention to the problems of society, and arouse people's thinking through my design. I have always been interested in the idea of speculative design. I think design is about discovering problems, asking questions, and solving existing contradictions as much as possible.

In contemporary society, the development of network technology and the popularity of some short video software have severely affected some people. The understanding of the world is getting more and more rough. Short videos are very short. You can't feel the rapid flow of time. It will bring you more direct, highly stimulating, and efficient pictures, and then push them to you according to your preferences. People will never know what the next painting will be. This is a kind of "unpredictable positive feedback." After watching the video, people will feel empty, guilty and disappointed, but they will still repeat this state every day.

From this, I got the inspiration of slow life. Under this background, I did a series of magazine experiments on how to let people experience the state of slow life in this era of rapid development.