Uli Siregar

MA Design: Interior Design

hello stranger, it’s manchester.

as a stranger in the city you want to fit in, to be camouflaged. to accompany you in manchester, this space is intended for you who are away from home and longing for the feeling of home. camouflage reflects the desire to blend in and feel connected. in space, sequence echoes the process of assimilation so by osmosing through adequate sequences, you will gradually experience assimilation. through the habitat, you will be introduced to the city through the disguised space. along with the space camouflaging to the city, you will also camouflage until you become a part of the space.

hopefully, with the existence of the habitat and those who live and help grow it, somebody could become your sister, brother, or foster mom. and manchester could eventually become your home.

it’s not a house. it’s a city, and it’s a temporal home.