Maria Alqahtani

MA Design: Interior Design

When you are feeling lost in life, you need a refuge that hugs you. Due to the rapid development of technology, the idea of a refuge has become virtual due to the influence of social media. Therefore, people escape from reality by hiding in virtual worlds.

This refuge abolishes the notion of hiding in virtual worlds. In a technology-free environment, Saudi teenagers and young adults can take refuge in this community in pursuit of peace or an understanding of their lost souls. They can meet with experts who pave the way for survival rather than receiving analyses from strangers with no experience in social media.

The refuge aims to create a nurturing environment for the young generation of Saudi Arabians and offers Art therapy as a new kind of therapy in Saudi Arabia.

You can draw with ease and express your problems without the need to talk. When you are ready to talk about what is on your mind, you can move on to the second stage of treatment, which is cognitive behavioural therapy.

By applying the theory of emotional geography that focuses on how human emotions are affected by interior environments. Emotions will arise in a person based on the influence of their surrounding environment, which can cause a person to act in a certain manner, the refuge can evoke communication between humans.

The refuge is not a limited spot. It has the potential to be adopted in every city in the Kingdom so that every city will become distinctive in its own refuge.

The Refuge is a spiritual peace zone, not just a psychiatric clinic.