David Walters

MA Photography

About the artist Before creating original artworks through photography, David spent many years working as a creative director where his role was to develop ideas and direct designers, illustrators and photographers to create arresting images that told a story.  David has explored a wide number of themes through photography, most recently his interest has been investigating different environments and their influence on human behaviour.   Going beyond the conscious impression, David seeks to understand and produce de-constructed images that tune-in to the viewers non-conscious processes.

In the mind’s eye

The image that you see inside your head may well be a truer interpretation of your environment than the objects within it.

Light falls onto a blade of grass and most of the electro-magnetic radiation is absorbed, only a narrow band of green light is reflected.   Depending on the type of grass, the time of day, the moisture in the air and many additional variables the green grass may take on many hues.

The colour information emitted by the blade of grass is interpreted through your own unique receptors, the rods and cones within your eyes. Depending on how they are tuned, along with the decoder hard-wired within your brain, you create your own version of reality inside your mind’s eye.

This work explores two landscapes; the natural world piecing together the landscape in which we evolved over millions of years; this is contrasted with urban jungles that have grown up around us more recently.

Scale has been an important element in developing this work.  The intention is to deliver an immersive experience to the viewer through large installations and a detail that goes beyond any object allowing you to use your imagination and get lost within the work.