Chinatip Egkantrong

MA Design: Illustration

I am a visual designer, and I am interested in graphic illustration and moving image which based on metaphorical language and perceptual experience by using geometric form—my MA research involved with liminality in daily life. I’ve been researching in liminality between real-world and cyberspace, by using technology such as coding and data to define “unthinkable complexity” in term of ‘Cyberspace’ idea, which was coined by William Gibson, an American sci-fi author. Now, cyberspace is used as a synonym of internet, the real-world and cyberspace overlap somehow. I tried to examine the result of combination between historical event and data on the internet to define the event that was vanished by the state.

I usually start with text and data. I always think about an object that can represent keywords or essential phrases in these data. Think about an object that the audience usually recognizes and understand the hidden message. Then, I start to visualize by mix and experiment from objects that I have, examine outcomes and choose the proper one.