Natalia Siukstiene
MA Fashion Design Technology

Natalia Siukstiene

Natalia’s Fashion design practice utilises methods such as traditional design in combination with innovative digital technologies CLO3D, Blender, DAZ3D,3D printing, 3D body scanning and digital pattern making CAD systems such as Gerber AccuMark. These tools allow her to test the boundaries of current technologies and evaluate how to further improve sustainable fashion practices for the future, to be proved sustainable move towards a future by saving energy consumption, materials, fabrics, and paper. 

A key technology that she experimented with as a part of her fashion practice is 3D prototyping software, specifically CLO3D which can be used to develop virtual apparel by a supported Blender suite to create realistic true-to-life digital outfits. She integrated the use of an associated software called Daz3D to create a realistic digital twin. Using these applications, she makes virtual outfits in a variety of fabrics, textures and colours.  

In Blender software she finalises a realistic look by modelling, sculpting, rigging, animation, compositing, motion tracking to create professional renders before importing them into larger projects, films, or other formats. 

Her film for her Master degree show “Immortal Essence” and her private VR digital exhibition highlights Natalia's innovativeness and professionalism as a Fashion Designer and 3D creative. Her outfits were designed and developed in Clo3D, Avatar in Daz3D and Blender, a digital scene, and objects she constructed from primitives in Blender, animation, and scene final rendering. The film she produced in Adobe Premiere Pro had background music by Haquin. 

Dr Lee Kai Hung Bursary Award