Réka Takácsy
MA Contemporary Performance

Réka Takácsy (she/her)

I am a Hungarian performer, theatre maker and art mentor from Budapest. 

After graduating in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2013, I returned to Budapest and to the world of Hungarian theater. Since then, I have worked in performances at Atrium Film Theater, TÁP Theater, and the Orlai Production House as an actor and assistant director. I bring many years of artistic gymnastics, ballet and contemporary dance, vocal and music learning, as well as artistic mentorship to my current work. I also participates in community theater productions (KÁVA Theater) and European partnership programs (ATIPIA, HangKút Project). Since 2018, I have been regularly conducting art pedagogical singing, music and movement training at indoor (classroom and rehearsal) and outdoor (outdoor cultural festivals) venues. In September of this year, I have completed my second Master degree in Contemporary Peroformance at MMU.

I am interested in the body as a medium to experiment with different artistic expressions. The fundamental focus of my training is on the development of vocal potential, breathing and physical exercises to prepare the body to sing and implementing texts into diverse disciplines. I am regularly a part of multidisciplinary performances as well. The topics that currently run through my work are: connections to oneself as an individual as well as in a community, dealing with loss, recovery and remembrance. 

I work internationally.