Meltem Sezer
MA Interiors

Meltem Sezer

Creative and a unique place experience have taken their place in the heart of Manchester! 


Museums and art galleries are structures where we see many objects and spaces of artistic, cultural, scientific, and futuristic interest. It is an excellent source of information and entertainment. It not only gives us information but also touches on people's intellectual, social, and emotional aspects. 

Research question: How might we improve museums and art galleries involved in the entertainment and art sector to increase their visits and adapt them to the new future?

Sensorium invites you to experience and understand your five senses!

Sensorium re-questions the museum and art gallery experience of the future. It defies current norms and keeps up with the new era and technologies. It takes you away from the classical museum environment and becomes a centre where you can feel fun, new experiences, and peace at your peaks. This new centre is no longer in a 'museum visit' label but a facility where people can gain more experience and connect with themselves or others. It is a multi-sensory space that appeals to you and your five senses to understand and touch. Each of your senses deserves special attention. It connects to them with grace and creates a space where you feel pleased, comfortable, and safe. Sensorium opens its doors to people of all ages. It refuses to appeal to a specific audience and invites everyone to the space.