Walaa Ahmed Q Hemaidah MA Interior Design

Walaa Ahmed Q Hemaidah

Welcome, I hope you enjoy my MA project. 

The Revie leisure centre is located in the Mackie Mayer Hall in Manchester city. It is a relaxing space that attract healthcare practitioners and their families and allow them to relax, have fun and spend their free time together. The main idea behind that is to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to reduce stress from their work and bring them back to the normal life, especially now after the world pandemic. The reasons behind choosing this place and this group of people are the great location of the exist building which is near to many healthcare centres and the institutional environment that the healthcare staff are working in, so they need to relax from time to time. 

The design concept was inspired from the biophilic design, which basically clarifies as the strong relationship between human and nature and how they interact with it to feel calm and relax. This concept was applied in the project by using natural elements and materials such as water, plantation, or sand, that will promote health, power, and relaxation to the users. 

The project in general consists of two floors, the ground floor includes reception, gathering area, café, adults and children swimming pools, public facilities (W.C, showers and changing area) and the game area with the sand playground. While the first floor includes Administration, staff changing area, relaxing area for massage, sauna and steam room, Gym, yoga class and public facilities (W.C, showers and changing area).