Mary Burke MA Design: Illustration

Mary Burke

Hello I am Mary Burke

The MA Illustration and Design Degree has been the catalyst for me to focus and combine my illustrative creativity, lifelong mental health nursing career and stroke patient recovery experience . My initial thoughts were to do a sketch to  a day keep the  doctor away.   I progressed  by creating my own font, video, writing poetry and exploring my illustrative practice

I later found combining illustration with reportage gave a voice, especially during Coronavirus -19 pandemic in my local community to individuals and places not normally seen or heard.

I discovered that in transferring my urban city sketchbook illustrations digitally onto textiles not only a provided a historical community resource record but also opened a new creative area for me to explore. This social and cultural representation of the local community was inspired by research into The Bayeux Tapestry and Orthodox Jewish Torah Scrolls.

I am already finding illustration links the gaps of the different disciplines I now find myself engaging in.

The MA has given me the confidence to develop my individual pathways of discovery and move forward in the artistic directions I want to go.

Looking beyond the MA, my aim, now as a practising illustrator is to collaborate and engage with my developing interests within my local community, The Stroke Association as well as involvement with Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre Company, The Creative Living Centre and other art collectives to promote both my own and others positive mental health.